Lenovo exec: India is yet to become a nation of tablet users

December 27, 2011

Earlier this year, Lenovo released two tablet models in India—the ThinkPad Tablet for enterprise needs and the IdeaPad for consumers. Thus far, Babu says, the enterprise-oriented device is selling better, despite the Rs 40,000 price point ($760 USD).

“Tablet sales are largely happening in the metro cities,” he said, referencing a corporate buyer profile as the primary purchaser for these devices.

In the interview, Babu also says that, because there is less high-speed wireless and WiFi across India, the desktop computer and CD drives and USB devices are preferred. He sees it taking a few years before India is a nation of ingrained tablet users. 

Lenovo operates over 750 retail outlets for its laptops, tablets and other computers in stores across the country, and has plans to significantly grow this number in 2012.


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