Lenovo launches Android tablet app store for security-conscious businesses

March 27, 2012

The store will offer app services to large businesses, enabling custom app management, deployment and publication as well as volume pricing. The app store will allow corporate users to access and use productivity apps on their Lenovo tablet or any other Android tablet running Android 3.1 or above.

"With the influx of personal and mobile devices in the workplace, it’s critical for companies to manage the proprietary and third-party applications their employees are using,” said Mark Cohen, vice president, of ecosystem and monetization at Lenovo.

“We created an app shop designed specifically for the enterprise featuring LDAP integration and cross Android platform support to facilitate IT management while giving users the apps they’re demanding to boost productivity.”

The store will allow businesses to create their own customized App Shops, and will enable IT managers to purchase, license, and manage approved applications, before pushing them to the end user.

The Lenovo Enterprise App Shop has a number of business-friendly features, with a strong emphasis on security. The store features the Lenovo App Shop Manager, which allows users to control the apps themselves, rather than the hardware device – as is the case with other mobile device management systems.

Lenovo says that all apps are vetted prior to their inclusion in the Lenovo App Shop Catalog, and reveals that companies can also select and de-select apps from this area. The Chinese firm also says that the Enterprise App Shop offers access to thousands of apps in MobiHand Universal Android catalog (offering only corporate approved apps for purchase or download), and allows users to set volume app purchase pricing, and disable applications from the tablets when required.

"The distribution and license management of applications for the classroom is simplified by the Lenovo Enterprise App Shop; eliminating factory resets and streamlining app installation. We were up and running quickly and the App Shop Manager is very intuitive and easy to use," said David Gannon, associate director of academic computing and media Services at Bryant University.

The Lenovo App Shop is now available worldwide through Lenovo sales. Oddly enough, the store is not currently available in China.


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