Lenovo says ThinkPad 2 tablet with Windows 8 will launch on November 16

November 7, 2012
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The tablet will start from $649 and promises a 10.1-inch 1366 x 768 resolution display, an Intel Atom processor (so it runs Windows 8 Pro), 128GB of memory and a claimed battery life of up to 10 hours.

It will also come equipped with a micro HDMI port, a full-sized USB connection, dual-facing cameras (8MP camera on the rear, 2MP on the front) and enterprise-grade security in the form of Trusted Platform Module and the Computrace Mobile software for managing devices and data.

Businesses will be pleased to learn that, in addition, the ThinkPad 2 will support multi-user log-ins, making tablet sharing possible in the workplace.

Optional extras include 3G or 4G LTE connectivity (the latter only offered through AT&T), a pressure-sensitive stylus, a fingerprint scanner, a docking station and a Bluetooth keyboard.


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