Lenovo talks up Windows 8 but doesn’t feel threatened by the Surface

February 26, 2013
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Barcelona, Spain — The ThinkPad maker introduced three new Android tablets (A3000, S6000 and A1000) at the Mobile World Congress today and amid stressing that it is “bullish” on the future of Google’s operating system, also said how optimistic it is on the future of Windows 8.

“We have a very long relationship with Microsoft on the PC business and we fully believe that it is going to be a successful platform in future,” Christopher Millward, director of global communications for Lenovo’s MIDH group, told TabTimes.

“It may not have got off to the start Microsoft expected but a Windows 8 operating system optimized for touch is the future.”

The company also doesn’t seem too perturbed by the fact that partner Microsoft has now entered the hardware tablet market with the Surface and Surface Pro.

“More competition is generally good,” said Millward. “We work with LG, Samsung, have Sony components [in our products], and have Microsoft [with Windows 8] and Google [Android] on our devices."

Prompted further on the arrival of the Surface, the Lenovo exec was more emphatic. "We certainly don’t feel threatened by it.”


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