LG teases ‘just right’ tablet in new video prior to release

August 26, 2013
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There aren't many details about the new tablet in the YouTube video, but plenty of hints as to what LG is shooting for.

The LG G Pad 8.3 video shows a series of man (and woman) in the street interviews answering the question, “What would make a tablet just right for you.”

Presumably, LG cherry-picked the answers to conform to what the LG Pad 8.3 will deliver, including an 8.3-inch display.

These features include portability (small enough to carry in my pocket, said one person interviewed) and the ability to "work on it at all times and all places" including "public transport" which may indicate LG plans to release an LTE or cellular version.

On the portability side, some other consumer types asked for “a really big picture” to watch full HD video on a screen big enough that two people could watch it. It sounds like LG thinks it can deliver a high res, 8.3-inch screen good enough to meet that requirement, unless it's planning a second model with a larger screen.

Another consumer angle was one person saying their “right tablet” would have to be able to link to his smart TV and computer.


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