Logitech Fold Up Keyboard for iPad 2 review: It’s pretty much perfect

January 28, 2012

In most situations, using a physical keyboard with an iPad means accepting a certain amount of compromise into your life.

Your keyboard might be compact, but that makes it cramped to type on. It may have fabulous battery life, but it's as ugly as sin. With this in mind, imagine how pleased we were to come across Logitech's Fold Up Keyboard for iPad 2.

Clipping on to the back of an iPad 2's chassis, the keyboard case admittedly adds a significant amount of weight and bulk to the tablet. In return for the added heft, users are rewarded with an tremendously useable full-sized keyboard that folds out from inside the case when needed.

The end result? Your iPad 2 is instantly transformed into an ultra portable workstation complete with an integral stand for your tablet.

With the keyboard deployed, we found the Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard provided a very comfortable typing experience, with a generous amount of space between each chiclet-style key, with key travel that reminded us of that found in Apple's Wireless Bluetooth keyboard.

What's more, the Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard wireless keyboard is designed to be used alongside an iPad smart cover, thus ensuring that both the front and back of your iPad are protected.

The only shortcoming we found is the price: At $149, there are a lot of more affordable–albeit less functional–physical keyboard solutions available to iPad 2 users. Were Logitech to lower the suggested retail price of the Fold Up Keyboard, they'd have a market dominating winner on their hands. 

As it stands though, this is an ideal long-term solution for personal and enterprise use. 


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