Logitech announces colorful new keyboard cases for iPad and iPad mini

March 26, 2013

The new Keyboard Folio and Keyboard Folio mini cases offer front and rear protection, a flip-out stand, “magnetic closures” to protect the iPad when out on the road, and support the on/off functionality so that they wake the iPad on opening, much like Apple's own Smart Cover.

Both models connect to their respective tablets via Bluetooth, with the larger model also boasting the luxury of full-size QWERTY keys and function shortcuts for the iPad.

The Keyboard Folio will launch next month for $99.99 and will be available in black, yellow, blue and pink. The Keyboard Folio mini is to debut a month later for $89.99, and will be available in both light and dark shades of blue.

The two cases can now be pre-ordered from Logitech's website.


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