LogMeIn Ignition: 3 highly productive tips

December 30, 2011

Many people can’t remember how they ever made it through a work day without their tablet. Other mobile workers have non-native application needs that complicate or even prevent the use of a tablet device. 

No matter which camp you count yourself a part of, you’ll benefit from using LogMeIn Ignition on your Android or iOS device.

A brilliant application that allows access for remote access to your Mac or PC, LogMeIn is a VNC service for the everyman: Just install the app, add LogMeIn’s computer side software to your desktop or laptop, and you’ll be ready to interact with your home or office computer from your tablet anywhere you roam.

Here are a few of our favorite tips to get you started with one of the most user-friendly VNC clients on the market today:

Customize your touchscreen style
Not thrilled with the manner in which LogMeIn Ignition lets you interact with your VNC? Click the gear icon at the bottom of the screen, and then select Scroll Mode from Global Settings.

From here, you can decide how LogMeIn reacts to your interaction with the touchscreen. Screen Moves allows you to move your computer’s desktop around to meet your cursor, Mouse Moves provides a tradition mouse and desktop navigation experience. Direct places a virtual mouse at your finger tips.

Access your remote computer's local files
LogMeIn provides easy access to your files and applications on connected computers: Click on the number icon in the top right corner of LogMeIn’s tablet interface, and choose Local Files.

From this screen, users can open applications, or view view and interact with files using an interface that’s been optimized for tablet computing.

LogMeIn Pro = printing, file transfer, and more
While LogMeIn Ignition works great with a free LogMeIn account, to fully realize the application’s value, consider subscribing to LogMeIn Pro access.

In doing so, you’ll receive the ability to listen to your desktop’s MP3 collect remotely, print documents from your tablet back at your office, transfer files to or from your computer and even collaborate with your customers or colleagues.


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