Lois Lane ditches reporter’s notebook for an iPad in new Superman movie

February 1, 2013
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Instead of a reporter’s notebook, Lane, played by Amy Adams, is shown cradling an iPad in a promo photo for Man of Steel due out this June.

In the original comic book, TV series and early Superman movies, the Lois Lane character competes with fellow journalist, the bespectacled Clark Kent (aka Superman) at the mythical Daily Planet newspaper, and is unaware of her colleague’s secret identity.

It looks like the newspaper backstory continues in Man of Steel, but with more updated tech and undoubtedly faster deadlines.

As David Goyer says in The Guardian’s Film Blog:

“Gone is the knackered old typewriter used by previous big screen incarnations to bash out stories, perhaps with the odd typo or two for good measure: here Ms Lane is seen carrying an iPad, the journalistic weapon of choice for the on-the-go blogger who wants to be able to file copy anytime, anywhere. She may still be working for The Daily Planet, but it looks as if the newspaper has had to move with the times to compete in the 21st century.”

In the comic book and early TV series back in the ‘60s, Kent would dash into a phone booth when he needed to change into Superman. There was a funny scene in the 1978 remake starring Christopher Reeve where he looks for a phone booth only to be flummoxed to find a newer exposed payphone (enclosed phone booths were already being phased out)

Of course today with the right location app, Kent should easily be able to find an alley or abandoned warehouse to change in. Then again, he also has super vision. 


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