BlackBerry chief thinks tablets do have a future after all

May 15, 2013

Heins told Bloomberg last month that he saw no future for the tablet, comments which seemed to rule out the prospect of a new PlayBook coming to market.  

But one month on and Heins now appears less convinced on the matter, as he offered up two contrasting views at the BlackBerry Live conference yesterday.

During a Q&A session with the media, Heins first appeared to promote the smartphone, and not the tablet, as the future of mobile computing. “We believe in a single element of mobile computing: one on your hip.”

But little more than 15 minutes later and the BlackBerry boss was singing an altogether different tune and hinted to CNET that a new PlayBook tablet could be on the radar.

"The industry got stuck on the term tablets," Heins told the source, before adding that he does see a future for larger-screen devices. "We want to create something that's easier to use."

"We're interested in the future of tablets, whatever that is.”


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