Louisiana schools district rolls-out 1,800 iPads to students

July 9, 2012

The Associated Press reports that the district previously rolled out MacBooks to around 2,000 students, with the district hoping to expand its use of technology over the next five years.

“Assuming there is no budget crisis that would change our plans, in five years all middle and high school students should have a personal computing device,” said Jake T. Ragusa, director of technology for Ascension Parish schools.

The schools district has been recognized as one of the most forward-thinking districts in Louisiana when it comes to using technology.

The DeSoto Parish in north Louisiana has been handing out iPads to ninth graders and hopes to do the same with all high school students in 2012-2013, while Rapides Parish and Monroe city schools have both reportedly been using iPads so that teachers can better deliver class lessons.

Ascension officials, meanwhile, are said to have swapped from laptops to iPad because of cost and availability. Apple, which gave a discount to the schools district on the procurement, is helping district school officials with training and support. 


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