The majority of gamers on the most popular mobile platforms are female and in their forties, research finds

December 4, 2013
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The most popular mobile devices for gaming in the U.S. are Android smartphones and Apple iPads, and they're being used mainly by 40-something females, the third-quarter 2013 Portable Gaming Report from App Annie and IDC has revealed.

The statistics between platforms are notably similar, as well. Android phone gamers are on average 41 years old and 53 percent are female, while the average iPad gamer is 42 years old, 54 percent female, the report found.

The same report claimed that Android is catching up to iOS in popularity with U.S. gamers, with iOS devices grabbing 35 percent of the market and Android devices (excluding Kindle Fire tablets) just shy of 30 percent. But iOS games still generate three times as much revenue.

Even more interesting is the report's assertion that the Amazon Kindle Fire is the most popular Android gaming tablet in the U.S., beating tablets that actually use the Google Play store by a significant margin, with around 12 percent of the total market.

And if you factor Amazon's tablets into Android devices overall, they actually do beat iOS devices.

Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets have their own closed marketplace ecosystem of games and other content, separate from the official Google Play marketplace that most Android devices use. And apparently that's paid off.

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