4 best iPad apps to manage your photo collection

December 14, 2013

There are so many, in fact, that not all have been able to successfully stay in business, as evidenced by the recent shutdown of the popular photo app Everpix.

To master mobile photo management, explore these high-quality, longstanding choices which should be around for a very long time.


Dropbox has seriously stepped up its game in the photo space. Installing the app the first time will prompt you to automatically backup your photos. It will import any existing images taken as well as future photos for those times when taking pictures with your iPad is the best, if not awkward, option.

A photo album feature exists inside Dropbox where users can create albums and move photos between them. However, this does not replicate to one’s desktop – currently it only does so to other mobile apps or the Dropbox web interface.

Web Albums HD

Google has made some good efforts to turn Google+ into a robust photo management service. One can automatically upload all their photos from a mobile device or the desktop into the Google+ Photos service. However, for iOS users these features are somewhat buried inside of the Google+ app.

Web Albums HD offers a standalone application for your photos stored in Google’s cloud, including those who are still hanging on to Picasa on its likely path to retirement.

Be sure to grab the HD version – a separate app is built exclusively for the iPhone. Hopefully the iOS 7-friendly design found on the iPhone app will make its way over to the iPad version.

Photo Manager Pro

The most complete solution offered by one application can be found with Photo Manager Pro. It offers total control over one’s photos and has various options for managing the albums. 

Those who want to get creative can also take images and transform a series of photos into a slideshow. Also, more advanced users will appreciate the capability to transfer photos to a computer via FTP or HTTP. 


If you are heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem then iPhoto may be the best go-to solution. The interface will be familiar to Mac users and through PhotoStream can directly connect your images with the Mac desktop. 

The iPad version of iPhoto also has extensive editing tools, including using brushes to paint on photo adjustments. Photos can then be saved in your albums or shared with the iOS sharing menu.

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