Marketing group issues phone, tablet ad size standards

December 16, 2011
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When it comes to advertising, bigger may be better, but standards are an important factor as well. The MMA released six standard display sizes for mobile phones as well as recommending ad sizes for tablet devices. 

The MMA  says the new Mobile Ad Unit Guidelines are intended to simplify the creation, planning, buying, selling and reporting of mobile ad units on a global basis.  A standard set of what the MMA hopes will be a widely accepted set of sizes will make it easier for companies to create and distribute ads on a global basis across multiple platforms. 

"The guidelines issued today vastly simplify the mobile ad landscape, creating six standard ad unit sizes, out of the tangle of the more than 60 unit sizes currently in use in the marketplace," said MMA Global CEO Greg Stuart, in a release.  The MMA says it will consider feedback during a 30-day public comment period and intends to finalize the  ad package of sizes next month. 

On the tablet front, the MMA says its offering “initial guidance” based on what ad sizes seem to be gaining traction with both buyers and sellers. The MMA notes that the tablet market is “dominated at present by one major tablet” (i.e. Apple’s iPad), and plans to update its guidance every six months. 

“Please note that this is a very dynamic area right now, and while a few sizes are emerging as popular, this could change rapidly as new effectiveness measures emerge and buyers and sellers find new solutions for brand marketers needs,” the MMA said in a white paper to its members describing the guidelines.

The tablet guidelines include the already popular 728 x 90 web standard that works well on the iPad in portrait mode as well as 1024 x 90 (full screen in landscape mode) and 300 x 250. Two other sizes the MMA says are proving popular in trials are 192 x 72 portrait mode and 330 x 96 in landscape mode. The MMA is also proposing 468 x 60 for ads designed for RIM’s PlayBook. 

The MMA Universal Mobile Ad Package was created by the MMA North America "SWAT" Team and the Global Mobile Advertising Committee.  MMA "SWAT" Companies include AT&T Adworks, WDIG, ESPN Mobile, Google, InMobi, Joule, Jumptap, Medialets, Microsoft, Millennial Media, Ogilvy, Tribune, Turner and The Weather Channel.

With support from ImServices Group, the MMA said it analyzed hundreds of billions of mobile ad impressions delivered across the global mobile advertising marketplace in 2Q 2011 to arrive at the new ad sizes proposal. 


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