Marmalade Juice is a new tool for porting iOS games to Android

March 19, 2014
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That will allow devs to release games both on Google Play and in Amazon's Android app store. Considering there are reportedly 1 billion Android devices in use worldwide (according to Marmalade at least) that's quite an opportunity for iOS game developers using this particular SDK.

According to mobile game developer Storm8's Engineering Manager Justin Ng, who gave a statement for Marmalade's press release, "Working with Marmalade Juice has made the process of bringing games to Android almost invisible. The Marmalade toolset integrates well into our process and because everything is still developed in Xcode, there was a minimal learning curve."

From this point forward Marmalade Juice is included with every Marmalade SDK license and for a limited time the Marmalade Community license is free to developers who use the code "GDCFREE" at this site.


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