Memo customizes Archos tablet to keeps seniors memory in-check

December 2, 2011

The Memo tablet acts as a memory assistant, helping seniors to maintain their independence, by providing reminders of things they need to do throughout the day.

The company has overlaid custom software on top of the Archos G9 101 tablet, to create a device that allows family members and carers to remotely push content to the device, from Memo's website. Using this source, carers can remotely add and update reminders from anywhere with internet connectivity in the world.

"Memo establishes an entirely new product category of memory assistants designed to reduce the confusion and loss of independence caused by memory impairment," said Merilee Griffin, president of Memo Touch, who conceived the idea of the tablet when caring for her own elderly mother.

The tablet’s home screen can be customized for each user. For example, a simple display, consisting of the date, time and a single reminder, can be used for one user, while optional features like a calendar, a to-do list, phone numbers, a medication list, photo albums and personalized messages can be added for those more comfortable with the device. A help button can also be added to automatically send a text, email or both to a caregiver if help is required.

The Memo was developed with the assistance of both clinical gerontologists and researchers and has been in testing since January. The tablet is priced at $299, while a subscription to the Memo websites costs $174 for six months, or $300 for a year. Orders can be placed at


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