Microsoft admits 32GB and 64GB Surface RT tablets don’t come with advertised storage

November 6, 2012

When revealing the news, the Redmond software giant said that the Windows RT OS, the Microsoft Office suite and built-in applications account for 8GB of data on both tablets, with an additional 5GB being gobbled up by Windows recovery tools.

Add into this the fact that no new PC ever starts with their advertised storage figure because of the way Windows calculates a gigabyte (the 32GB Surface starts with 29MB) and 32GB Surface RT users will have to make do with 16GB of free storage, with this figure standing at 46GB for the 64GB Surface.

This news is bound to grate with business users who have already ordered the device, although they can at least comfort themselves in the knowledge that they have a micro SD card slot and a USB output for additional storage (two options that have never been available for the iPad).

A further option would be to save work to one of the ever increasing number of cloud storage providers, like Dropbox or Microsoft’s own SkyDrive.


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