Microsoft may already be working on the Surface 2 tablet

August 8, 2012

Microsoft posted as many as a dozen jobs for the Surface team on the Microsoft Careers site between June and August, according to TechRadar.

“The Surface Team focuses on lighting up Microsoft experiences with touch first computing", begun one of the ads. "A fundamental part of our strategy is having desirable and powerful devices that enable the experiences people want, and elicit their excitement.

"Creating these devices involves a close partnership between hardware and software engineers, designers, and manufacturing. We are currently building the next generation and Surface needs you."

Since announcing the first Surface tablets back in June, there have been signs that Microsoft is keen on remaining in the tablet hardware market.

The software giant announced the Surface as a ‘new family of PCs for Windows’, while CEO Steve Ballmer has since vowed to leave ‘no space uncovered’ to Apple in both the hardware and software markets.

The Surface tablet is available in two versions (Surface and Surface Pro) and is due to launch alongside Windows 8 on October 26. Microsoft has not yet announced official prices for the tablets.


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