Microsoft cuts patent deals with two Android vendors

July 9, 2012
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Few details were released, other than a statement that the agreements provide broad coverage under Microsoft’s patent portfolio for which the two firms will pay royalties.

Microsoft has claimed Android and Google’s Chrome operating systems violate unspecified patents.

“This agreement confirms once again that the best way to resolve IP issues such as those surrounding Android and Chrome is through a reasonable licensing arrangement,” said Horacio Gutierrez, corporate VP and deputy general counsel of the Intellectual Property Group at Microsoft in a statement.

Aluratek and Coby are but the latest companies to have agreed to a Microsoft license. Others, according to ZDNet, include Amazon, Buffalo, Compal, General Dynamics, HTC, LG Electronics, Samsung, TomTom, and Velocity Micro.

One notable holdout, Barnes & Noble, recently settled with Microsoft as part of a broader $300 million investment Microsoft made in a new joint venture between the two firms. B&N’s Nook ebook readers compete with Amazon’s Kindle line.


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