Microsoft to developers: Hey, we’ll even pay you to build Windows 8 apps

March 20, 2013
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The bold new strategy applies to newly publishing applications that have been submitted to the Windows Phone Store or Windows Store by June 30, and could see opportunistic developers pocket as much as $2,000 if they submit up to 10 apps to each store.

Developers, for their part, must ensure that their apps comply with Microsoft’s certification requirements and that they offer up more purpose than just access to a simple Web page. Cloned entries are also banned from the selection, while the U.S-only offer itself does contain a slight catch in that it only applies to the first 10,000 qualified entries by the cut-off date.

Microsoft will be hoping that the promotion inspires developers to cast aside their iOS and Android projects in favor of Windows 8, something CEO Steve Ballmer attempted to do up prior to the launch of Windows 8 last October.

As it stands, various analysts and recent report reports would suggest that developers are still very much taking a “wait and see” approach to Windows 8 development, preferring instead to work on apps for Apple and Google’s operating systems.


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