Microsoft disses iPad for content creation & price in Windows 8 tablet ad

May 23, 2013
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The new 'Less talking, more doing' ad sees Microsoft compare the iPad side-by-side with Asus’ VivoTab Smart and mocks the former for price and its supposed inability to create content or multi-task.

The ad uses Apple’s voice recognition technology, Siri, to promoting Windows 8 features on numerous occasions.

The Siri narrator quips “I am sorry I can only do one thing at a time” at one point — a less-than subtle hint at the Windows 8 Snap mode for multi-tasking — and goes onto promote Microsoft Office by saying “I guess PowerPoint isn’t one of those things."

The ad compares the price between the 64GB iPad (starting from $699) and 64GB VivoTab Smart (starting from $449) at the end of the 30-second ad but most amusingly dings the iPad for content creation.

“Shall we just play chopsticks?” is Microsoft’s most telling joke, with the piano-playing footage mimicking that of Apple’s previous iPad mini commercials.


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