Microsoft event to showcase Office 2013. Is Office for iPad also on the agenda?

July 16, 2012
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USA Today first reported at the end of last week that the media event would be taking place today (Monday), although Microsoft itself has been pretty secretive on Office 2013, with little known of its features or what kind of tie-in there will be across Windows 8 desktop and mobile devices.

That said, the company has previously said that it would launch a public beta of the office suite in the summer, and announced that it has been working on a touch-friendly version for Windows RT, the ARM-based version for Windows 8 tablets, so it is possible that these previous announcements may form part of the event.

SkyDrive integration across desktop and mobile devices, as well as pricing and availability are some of the other topics might also be tackled at the conference.

Another intriguing possibility is that Microsoft could use the event to announce an Office app for iPad and Android, although it remains to be seen how keen the Microsoft would be in releasing an app now, three months prior to the release of its own-brand Surface tablets. Indeed, previous reports have suggested that Microsoft is actually holding back Office for iPad, because it's not sure when to release it.

Office is certainly huge business for Microsoft, and accounted for a mega $22.2 billion of the company’s nearly $70 billion in fiscal 2011 revenue, and for $14.1 billion of operating revenue.


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