Microsoft expects app developers to go crazy for Windows 8 in the first three months

October 8, 2012

Keith Lorizio, the VP of U.S. sales and marketing at Microsoft, told Beet.TV that 100,000 new Windows 8 apps will come to the fore over the next three months, and expects there to be 400 million Windows 8 hardware device in play by July.

"We’re expecting to aggressively pursue 100,000 plus apps over the first three months and we have a conservative goal of reaching 400 million [Windows 8 hardware] units in marketplace by July 1," said Lorizio. "But we know we have to have a very healthy ecosystem of apps, and we're putting million dollars against that effort."

Microsoft has been actively promoting Windows 8 to software developers in recent times. At the end of last month, CEO Steve Ballmer took to a small developer event in San Francisco to stress the benefits of the new operating system, while the firm last week held a number of live seminars on building Windows 8 apps at the Apps World exhibition in London.

There are currently reckoned to be approximately 2,000 Windows 8 apps on the Windows Store, less than a month ahead of the launch of Windows 8 on October 26.


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