Report: Windows chief to manage Microsoft’s hardware biz

July 4, 2013

Citing “people familiar with the matter”, Bloomberg reports that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is considering a company restructuring which will see former Skype president Tony Bates control acquisitions and relationships with software developers, with Larson-Green to oversee the firm’s hardware engineering.

The change is expected to come into effect as early as next week.

Former Xbox head Don Mattrick was apparently a contender for the hardware role before departing this week to become CEO of games company Zynga, but his withdrawal will leave Larson-Green overseeing hardware engineering for all devices, including Xbox consoles and Surface tablets.

Windows Phone software manager Terry Myerson will be given the additional responsibility of looking after the Windows operating engineering group, reveals the report, which is another sign that Windows Phone and Windows 8 might merge together.

The report adds that these changes are likely to give some clue as to who eventually replaces Steve Ballmer as CEO.


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