Microsoft is now accepting all app submissions to the Windows 8 Store

September 12, 2012

“Today's an especially great day to be a developer," said Microsoft's Antoine Leblond, on a Microsoft blog. “We’re very excited to announce the last significant announcement in the rollout of the Windows Store before the general availability of Windows 8 on October 26.”

Prior to this announcement, the store was open for those with company accounts and a small pool of developers but now supports 120 countries across the globe. A full list of Microsoft’s supported markets can be seen here.

Developers who subscribe to the Microsoft Developer Network program will be able to submit apps for free for a year, while this same offer also applies to DreamSpark, Microsoft's program for students, and BizSpark, the program for start-ups.

Normal folk will face a registration fee of $49 for individuals and $99 for companies. Microsoft advises developers still interested in signing up to the store to head to the Windows Store Dashboard on the Windows Dev Center.

The Windows Store launched in preview mode at the Windows 8 Consumer Preview back in February but has steadily improved ever since, and added an increasing number of apps. 

Windows 8 developers will earn 70% of all sales on apps that bring in up to $25,000 each year, or 80% if sales go above that figure. The Windows 8 Store will house traditional desktop Windows apps and 'Metro-style' apps for Windows 8 tablets.


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