Microsoft’s other big news: More app developers working on Windows 8

September 23, 2013

Microsoft VP Panos Panay briefly talked about the rise of ‘Metro-style’ Windows 8 apps when unveiling the new tablets today.

"Last year we launched this product with 10,000 apps. This year I stand up in front of you and there are 100,000 apps in the Windows Store right now. That's critical," said Panay, who added that Facebook and Flipboard are preparing to launch apps on the platform.

Despite the big gains for Microsoft, the firm still lags way behind Apple and Google. Back in June, Apple reported that there are over 900,000 apps in its App Store (375,000 optimized for the iPad), while Google recently said its Google Play passed the one million apps mark.

By some way of comparison, one study last month found that Windows 8 only offered 54% of the top 100 apps on Apple’s iOS, although this did improve marginally to 63% for Windows Phone.


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