Microsoft’s hardware partners not that impressed with Windows 8 demand

December 31, 2012

Following on from comments last week that Windows 8 sales were lower than expected, Fujitsu president Masami Yamamoto also voiced his concern about Microsoft’s latest operating system.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the Fujitsu president blamed “weak” Windows 8 demand for the company missing its annual shipment target for PCs, when speaking to journalists in Tokyo recently.

The company had been expecting to ship 7 million PCs at the end of its fiscal year in March, but now looks set to miss that target.

Fujitsu is by no means the first vendor to relay concerns on Windows 8.

Back in November, Acer CFO David Chang said that demand for the operating system was “not that good right now”, with Acer America division president Emmanuel Fromont last week admitting Windows 8 sales had been slow at the Taiwanese firm.

Microsoft itself is reported to have stated that sales were “well below” its initial expectations.

However, Acer’s president, Jim Wong, later defended Windows 8 in an interview with Digitimes, saying that most consumers simply need to get used to using it.

“In the past, market observers would accuse Windows of lacking innovations. And Windows 8 with brand new features have still been greeted with pessimism.

“Some observers believe the new interface and touchscreen control will dramatically delay adoption by consumers. But companies must take risks when introducing innovations, and therefore it is still too early to say whether Windows 8 is a success or not.”


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