Microsoft slams iPad for multi-tasking and connectivity in new Windows 8 ad

June 18, 2013

In a short ad for TV and online, Microsoft puts the 32GB iPad up against the 32GB Dell XPS 10 and mocks the former's price, lack of connectivity ports and ability to multi-task.

The ad starts by showing how the iPad requires two fingers for touch-to-zoom and then turns the heat on the lack of a microSD card slot by using a mock Siri voice to diss the connectivity options.

"You can't put a microSD card there, or there, or there," says the narrator. But the biggest laughs are sure to come from the following clip detailing the Windows 8 Snap feature, which can show two apps running side-by-side at the same time.

"You can do two things at once? That's cool," exclaims Siri.

But on seeing the price difference between the two tablets ($599 for the iPad, $399 for the XPS 10), the narrator then concludes "Oh, that's not cool."
All this said, opponents will no doubt argue that this ad comes less than a month after Dell dropped the price of the XPS 10 from $449, and could well add that the iPad has better apps in terms of quantity and quality than Windows RT, which cannot run conventional Windows desktop apps.
Apple fans could also point out that the XPS is significant heavier than the iPad and that it doesn't have a high resolution display.


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