Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet to ‘arrive at the end of January’

January 4, 2013
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Technology blog CNET first unearthed the news after making calls to various Microsoft Stores, with staff at these outlets in return replying that the Intel-powered Windows 8 tablet will go on sale at the “end of the month”.

One store even gave a specific launch date, January 26, while Softpedia, citing sources close to Redmond, has claimed that the tablet will debut on January 29.

This report would certainly tie in with Microsoft’s own aims, the Redmond software giant having said at the launch of the Surface RT (on October 26) that the Windows 8 Pro edition would be available “about 90 days later”.

The Surface Pro will start at $899 for the 64GB model, rising to $999 for the 128GB edition, but what remains less clear is if the January launch will be for third-party retailers as well as Microsoft’s own retail stores.

Microsoft last month extended the reach of its Surface RT tablet from online and select Microsoft retail stores, with the Windows RT slate now available through Best Buy and Staples.


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