Microsoft’s Surface team reportedly working on iWatch rival

July 15, 2013
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The Verge and AmongTech report that the aluminium watch features a 1.5-inch display and say that it will come with a removable band, which will be available in an array of different colors.

Microsoft’s Surface team, which is also apparently working on two new tablets, will build the device, and it has been claimed that the watch will run a modified version of Windows 8.

If that doesn’t sound cutting-edge enough, there is even the suggestion that current prototypes are offering 6GB of storage and LTE support.

If this news is to be true, it would certainly reiterate CEO Steve Ballmer’s stance that Microsoft intends to leave ‘no space uncovered’ to Apple. The Cupertino giant is rumoured to be working on its own smartwatch, while Google is also said to be evaluating this space.

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