Microsoft swings for iPad again with new Windows 8 ad on multi-tasking

July 10, 2013
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In the brief 30 second ad, two baseball scouts use an iPad and a Windows 8 tablet to bounce between a Skype video call and another app detailing game statistics when checking up on a player.

The scout with the Windows 8 tablet, which appears to be Dell's XPS 10, is able to do this faster with the Windows 8 Snap view multi-tasking feature for simultaneously displaying two apps at once. At the end of the video, he goes off to talk to the player, presumably in the hope of signing him.

Microsoft’s previous Apple-bashing ads have focused on the iPad’s high price, its non-expandable storage and the lack of built-in productivity apps. The Redmond giant even launched a website comparing the iPad against Windows 8 tablets.


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