Is Microsoft testing Nokia’s Windows 8 tablet?

October 4, 2012
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The Finnish handset manufacturer has long been promising to launch a Windows 8 tablet, and was rumored to be announcing its first model at its Windows 8 Phone event in New York last month.

That move never transpired but the tablet may have already been developed, if a purported image if anything to go by.

Discovered by tech website Know Your Mobile, the picture shows a tablet bearing the Windows RT standby screen and with a design similar to that of the Lumia 800 smartphone.

However, while the photo may look dubious, there is perhaps more truth in the report that partner Microsoft is now using this Nokia Windows RT tablet to test Windows RT-based apps.

This claim comes from, which citing un-named sources, also claims that Microsoft has been sending the tablet around to its own software vendors to see how their Windows RT apps run on the device.

The first Windows 8 tablets are expected to turn up in late October, with Microsoft (with the Surface), Acer and Lenovo all hoping to debut their slates on October 26.


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