Microsoft looks set to improve Mail and other built-in Windows 8 apps via update

March 22, 2013

While these apps come bundled for free with Windows 8, some have been criticized for being less than full featured or, as Mary Jo Foley in ZDNet noted, some users have said they feel more like betas and simply "not very good."

Those developed for Windows 8/Windows RT by Microsoft's Bing AppEx team get much better marks for being solid and useful.

Updates are expected soon for a range of apps including Windows Mail, Xbox Music, Microsoft.Bing, Microsoft.Camera, Microsoft.Bing, Microsoft. Reader, Microsoft.BingNews Microsoft.windowsphotos, Microsoft.BingFinance, microsoft.microsoftskydrive, Microsoft.ZuneVideo, Microsoft.BingWeather, Microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps (Mail, Calendar, People, Messaging), Microsoft.BingMap and Microsoft.BingSports.

These updates are expected soon, perhaps as soon as later this month.

Microsoft is also rumored to be planning an update to Windows 8 and Windows RT late this summer (codenamed Windows Blue) which should also include updates to its core apps.


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