Minnesota school district plans massive iPad deployment

June 27, 2014

The initiative will cost the school district $5.7 million in the first year when the iPads are distributed this fall, and $8 million per year going forward. As part of the agreement, Apple will replace the tablets with newer iPad models every three years.

In the first year, 37 schools will receive the iPads, but the deployment is expected to eventually cover over 60 schools.

Two district school board members voted against the agreement which passed 5 to 2.

This fall, the district plans to distribute about 28,000 new iPad Mini or iPad Air tablets to students and 1,400 Apple laptops for teachers.

By next year, the district plans to distribute 40,500 student iPads. Children in grades five and higher will be able to take the iPads home.

The lease includes insurance, some professional development and technical support.

The Twin Cities.com Pioneer Press spelled out details of the iPad roll out, including comments by school officials, parents and teachers.

"Our students are millennials who have tremendous digital fluency, and we must tap into that," said Kate Wilcox-Harris, the assistant superintendent for personalized learning.


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