Media execs: Tablet and mobile ads are on the rise, but need standards

March 8, 2012

TabTimes was in attendance and the consensus seemed to be that mobile ad standards are required to tackle the increasing fragmentation in the market place.

Hosted by The Financial Times’ Tim Bradshaw, the speakers comprised Rob Jonas, VP and MD of mobile ad network InMobi in the EMEA, StrikeAd’s Tim Finn, and Russell Buckley, previously of AdMob but now an advisor to Eagle Eye, which works in mobile coupons for retailers.

The speakers agreed that 2011 was perhaps the biggest year in recent times for mobile advertising, with Russell Buckley stressing that the growth had built up slowly over the past few years, but has now come to ‘overwhelm’ the industry.

Tim Finn heads up the EMEA region for StrikeAd, and he was more cautious on the rise, saying that advertising dollars typically lag behind consumers audiences by about two years. However, he warned that the increasing relevance of mobile advertising still has some hurdles to overcome.

“The fragmentation and lack of standards are still issues. It’s hard to buy a mobile ad campaign. We need those standards to come from the online world, and then we will see an increasing shift to mobile.”


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