Mobile and Cloud are driving the growth of the tech industry, KPMG reports

May 24, 2014
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For large US tech companies, mobile and cloud have been the main growth engines in 2013.

Audit firm KPMG recently surveyed 100 C-level and senior executives from tech companies with more than $100 million in sales. Of the execs citing mobile or mloud as their leading revenue driver, 53 percent said mobile revenues exceeded their 2013 forecasts.

In 2014 and 2015, though, mobility will only rank second as a growth driver if projections by the surveyed executives are correct. While 41% of them still say mobile is their top pick as a sales champion, an even greater number (51%) say data and analytics will grow faster.

Overall, the IT industry growth is expected to slowdown somewhat.

While roughly 80% tech firms say their sales will rise this year (the same proportion as last year), only 33% (vs. 41% last year) hope to increase sales by 6% or more, while 49% (vs. 38% last year) project a more modest increase between 1 and 5%.


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