Mobile app Quota Maker aims to improve sales productivity

November 9, 2012

Enter Quota Maker, a free mobile app that works with the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

"Quota Maker enables you to create a few simple metrics that keep you on track building a funnel that will make quota quarter after quarter – building a sales engine. The result is greater visibility and fewer end-of-quarter fire drills,” says Harvey Hendler, Managing Partner of Quota Maker’s publisher, KappaEast Management Consultants.

Quota Maker is available as a free download that the company says includes easy to understand instructions, definitions and a library of five tutorial videos. 

"You get what you measure and once you understand your funnel, the coaching and executive impact just increases – it's just that simple," said KappaEast customer Morten Brogger, CEO of MACH. 

KappaEast says IBM, Ciber and EMC Documentum are among the other customers that have already deployed the company’s sales engine tools. 


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