Mobile developers now focusing on tablet apps, with Android the preferred OS: study

October 15, 2012
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The Mobile Development Survey reveals that 73% of mobile developers are either currently writing apps for tablets (34.7%) or plan to by April 2013 (38.7%), and shows that only 8% of the 4,000 surveyed developers have no intentions to develop tablet apps in time.

The remaining 19% of surveyed developers say they will begin their tablet planning sometime after the six month period.

Although the survey was conducted worldwide, it did highlight that significantly more developers in North America are planning to tackle tablet apps in the next six months than those in the APAC or EMEA regions, and also indicated a preference for Android and specifically Samsung devices.

The study reveals that most of these developers will be targeting Android tablets, with Samsung the favoured manufacturer, but doesn't make clear how much interest there is in developing for the iPad (although other studies suggest iOS is the favorite operating system for most mobile developers) or the forthcoming Windows 8. We'll update this article when we hear back from the research firm.

“The tablet is the form factor of choice for many people and we see tablets eventually replacing the traditional laptop” says Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data.

“Developers usually lead the sea of changes in this industry and what we’re seeing in developers’ adoption patterns is a forerunner of what the general industry landscape will become.”


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