Mobile games reportedly earned over half of all 2013 game revenue in Japan

April 2, 2014
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A study by CyberZ, a subsidiary of Asian internet and gaming company Cyber Agent, has found that 50 percent of all game sales in Japan in 2013 came from smartphone and tablet games.

The video game industry in Japan brought in over 1.1 trillion yen (about $10.5 billion) in 2013, including software and hardware. Mobile games accounted for 546 billion yen of that, or about $5.3 billion. In other words, over half.

As Pocket Gamer points out, this means that revenue from tablet and smartphone games, most of which comes from free-to-play titles, totaled more than console and handheld games—and their hardware—combined.

Maybe traditional game sales will pick up this year, with the PS4 and Xbox One both launching in Japan in 2014. Or maybe mobile games have already won.


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