Mobile-inspired design powers Facebook’s redesigned News Feed

March 7, 2013
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“News Feed is one of the most important services we build because it lets you see all the things your friends are doing in one place,” said Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg at a media event at company headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif.

Tablets and smartphones have been the fastest-growing platforms of Facebook use and the social media giant made it clear that mobile is driving its design choices.

“You can dig into any topic you want with a mobile-inspired, consistent UI, that gives you the same experience across all platforms,” said Zuckerberg.

So instead of a separate mobile design, the mobile interface for News Feed is now meant to be consistent for desktop, Web and mobile users.

Businesses may benefit from the redesign as well as brands and maps will get more prominence when they’re included in a news feed when, for example, you write about being at a restaurant or landmark.

Chris Cox, Facebook’s VP of Product, said the redesign is meant to “get Facebook out of the way as much as possible and put the content you want in front of you.”

Zuckerberg said Facebook’s goal with the redesign has to been to make Newsfeed the most personalized newspaper possible that includes broad content as well as socially-relevant updates from family and friends that is easy to drill into for more detail.

When News Feed first launched it was all about text, but Zuckerberg noted that since about the end of 2011 almost half the content posted by users includes photos. The new design makes photos and media content that’s shared more prominent. Facebook also announced a redesign of photo albums on the service.

“In the new design we want attachments and articles to really shine,” said Julie Zhuo, Facebook’s director of design for News Feed.

With the redesign, she said publisher’s logos will be displayed in the corner of the newsfeed so the source of the article will be more recognizable and you’ll be click through to see the full article.

The redesign is live today on the web, but Facebook said it’s going to take the next few weeks to compile feedback and make any changes it thinks is necessary. The redesign will roll out to mobile users over the next few weeks.


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