Mobile World Congress: Lenovo stretches Android Yoga line of tablets; adds new DOit management apps

February 23, 2014
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The 10-inch Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ continues the unique design of earlier Yoga tablets offering multiple viewing (Hold, Tilt and Stand) modes and a whopping 18 hours of battery life.

The tablet is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with a quad core CPU. Other features include Dolby audio, 10 point multitouch, a micro USB port and an optional keyboard as well as Android 4.3.

The tablet also includes a new high definition 8 MP rear camera and full HD 1920×1200 resolution display. Pricing starts at $349, but the new tablet isn’t due out until April. 

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Just DOit

Lenovo has not been aggressive as rival Samsung when it comes to software. With most Samsung tablets, the company goes to great lengths to customize Android with the addition of its own apps and services.

Now Lenovo is ramping up on the software side looking to distinguish the new Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ with a new DOit suite of apps.

SHAREit is an app designed to facilitate sharing pictures, video, music files, documents, and contacts. One unique feature is the ability to also share apps and information with up to five nearby devices wirelessly even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

Lenovo says that SECUREit protects users’ mobile data from viruses, spam and malware. Also, if the tablet becomes lost or stolen, anti-theft protection locks it down. The app also helps the tablet operate faster by taking actions such as closing redundant background apps.

Another DOit app, SYNCit, backups contacts, text messages and call logs in the cloud. Users can reload the content to their tablet or another Android device.

And there is also a SNAPit Camera app designed to offer more flexibility for shooting in specific modes (such as panorama or burst mode) for wide-angle shots and low-light situations. It also offers special filters and effects. Users can then edit photos right inside the app, remove unwanted objects and also create animated GIF files.

(Choosing the right tablet and mobile deployment will be among the key issues discussed at the Tablet Strategy conference in New York on May 6, 2014. Registration info is here)


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