Tablet Talk: The iPad as LeBron James, love and hate for Surface, and ridicule for Samsung’s sales figures

August 19, 2012

The iPad is like LeBron James before he won his first NBA championship – wildly successful but still beset by doubters.” ZDNet pays homage to the iPad's' success in enterprise.

“It is not something you are good at so please think twice.” Acer chairman JT Wang claims Microsoft’s Surface tablet will create a ‘huge negative impact’ on the ecosystem.

“I applaud it — I think it’s great that they are getting out in front and [showing] what’s possible.” HP’s John Solomon takes a slightly different view on Microsoft's hardware.

“Microsoft reveals Windows RT OEMs. These look very much like tablets with a keyboard, so where is Nokia?” Former Nokia exec Juha-Pekka Helminen tweets concern over Nokia’s lack of involvement with Windows 8.

“The funniest thing about Samsung's release of real tablet sales data: how spectacularly wrong some of the professional guessers were”. Ender Analysis researcher Benedict Evans tweets how Samsung’s lacklustre tablet sales reflects badly on other market research firms.

“We didn’t understand how a trusted partner would build a copycat product like that”. Apple on why Samsung allegedly copied the iPhone and iPad.

“Haters have now progressed to insisting that I hate Samsung because I didn't properly review the Note's cameras. The camera. On a tablet.” The Verge’s managing editor Nilay Patel clearly doesn’t think much of tablet photography.

“Consumers baffled by the differences between Amazon and Google versions of Android, or Windows 8 and Windows RT, may well default to Apple." IDC's Bob O’Donnell delivers more good news to those in Cupertino.


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