Most mobile users are data hungry but are worried about security, says Oracle

November 1, 2011

Oracle’s report is entitled “Opportunity Calling: The Future of Mobile Communication, Take Two” and complements the first version of the report, which was carried out in September of last year.

This year’s report surveyed more than 3,000 mobile phone consumers in a bid to examine phone habits, their interest in new mobile technologies and their expectations of their service providers.

Oracle’s findings also uncovered a belief that the mobile phone is coming to encompass other mobile products, and at a quicker rate than expected.

In 2010, more than 50-percent of respondents thought that their mobile phone would replace their camera, MP3 player or GPS device within five years. By 2011, 43-percent of respondents had already replaced their camera, 34-percent their MP3 player and 24-percent their GPS device, with their mobile phone.

The report found greater desire for mobile applications, both free and paid. 55-percent of respondents have downloaded a free app, while 25% have paid for an app on their mobile device.

Further adding to this, demand for apps is spreading to other mobile devices, like tablets, and 57-percent of respondents claimed to already own a tablet, or said that they plan to buy one in the next year.

Oracle’s report did also find that there are some security concerns among the mobile consumers. The firm said consumers are more comfortable with location-based services and online banking (28-percent in 2011 versus 18-percent in 2010), but 68-percent do not believe, or are unsure, whether information stored or transmitted from their mobile device is secure.

Finally, the report revealed that more consumers continue to use their mobile devices for comparing shops, reading customer reviews or for scanning QR codes in adverts. Despite this, 84-percent of respondents still prefer to buy products in-store.

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