Google: Tablets are primarily used at home for entertainment and shopping

August 31, 2012

Google worked with research firms Ipsos and Sterling Brands for the 'The New Multi-screen World' study, which polled 1,611 participants in Austin, Boston and LA on their screen habits in Q2.

The survey revealed that tablets are primarily used at home (only 21% use their tablets outside of the house) for entertainment (cited by 63% of users) and communication (32%). Most tablet users agreed that they took a ‘relaxed and leisurely approach’ when using their device.

Google’s study also indicated that tablets are the favoured home device when it comes to online shopping (11%) or planning trips (15%), and revealed that 75% of tablet owners use their device with another gadget at the same time.

This last finding came as the search giant drilled down into how tablets, smartphones, laptops and TVs mesh together in this new multi-screen world.

Indeed, the report found that 90% of our ‘media interactions’ involve one of the aforementioned devices, and indicated that spend 4.4 hours a day of our leisure time in front of a screen. Some of this screen use appears to involve using two gadgets at the same time, either on related or unrelated activities, according to Google.

This study will certainly make for good reading if you're a tablet manufacturer pushing out entertainment-focused tablets, much like Google with its Nexus 7.


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