Motion Computing’s sleek, rugged 12.5-inch Windows tablet sports a big screen, clever fold-up keyboard

March 25, 2014
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Designed for field workers who need a rugged solution, such as construction workers and law enforcement, the Motion R12 Rugged Platform also offers several optional accessories including the EasyPair wireless keyboard, Secure Mobile vehicle dock and SlateMate data acquisition module.

Why the bigger screen?

“We’ve heard from and observed with customers in areas like law enforcement that they are clearly in environments that demand a rugged solution,” said Motion Computing product manager Cliff Adams. “But the frustration we’re hearing as they look to transition from notebooks to tablets is that the screen is too small, there’s a gap in the market.”

Another issue is having to transition from laptop in the office to tablet in the field and back. The R12 is designed to be used in the field and can be easily plugged into the docking station in the office where it has access to network resources and, optionally, other resources such as even bigger monitor.

“A common theme we’ve been hearing from customers is that it would be a lot easier to adopt a single device in a ruggedized tablet with the industrial design and capabilities of a personal device,” said Motion’s VP of Marketing, Peter Poulin. "We’ve been using term 'redefining the rugged experience' because we. think it’s possible to have both form and function with a compelling design." 

Smart peripherals

The EasyPair keyboard folds and magnetically attaches to the back of the tablet for easy transport. Also it’s designed to automatically make the Bluetooth connection so there’s no resetting or incompatibility issue. Motion states that “any R12 wireless Keyboard automatically pairs with any R12 tablet.”

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SlateMate and vehicle dock

Motion’s SlateMate data acquisition module can be configured with up to three I/O devices, making it ideal for field workers like a telco technician who require more flexibility from their devices. 

For mobile professionals, like public safety workers, who perform work both inside and outside of their vehicle, the Motion Secure Mobile vehicle dock is designed to improve driver safety as well as productivity.  

Motion says the dock is flexible enough to accept multiple docking configurations, such as the tablet with attached SlateMate module or the tablet in a carrying case.

Pricing for the R12 starts at $2,299 and the tablet can be loaded with Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 (with the option to update later).

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