Motorola’s RhoElements to drive hybrid applications in enterprise

October 24, 2011

The platform offers an HTML 5/JavaScript/CSS application framework and supports HTML 5 features, including app caching, web storage and the ability to optimise network utilisation. The platform also allows for continuous operation, even where network connection is temporarily lost.

RhoElements was born out of Motorola’s acquisition of Rhomobile, which was completed on 29th July 2011, and Rhomobile’s expertise lies in developing cross-platform mobile application platforms.

Motorola claims that RhoElements allows developers to offer enterprise application with a consumer-style ‘look and feel’ and with consistency across device type, screen size and operating system.

The first version of RhoElements will support Motorola’s new enterprise tablet, the ET1, and Motorola mobile devices running Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, Windows Embedded CE 5 and 6 and Windows Embedded Compact 7. Motorola says that the solution will soon support other operating systems and hardware products from other vendors.

“HTML 5 is a great developer environment, where you can run an application on a tablet or in Windows. There’s no need for additional training”, said Motorola’s Paul Reed, when speaking to TabTimes last week.

"Motorola's PartnerEmpower channel partners and customers are increasingly challenged by the need to develop, maintain and manage enterprise applications with compelling user experiences across multiple operating system and device platforms”, said Suhas Uliyar, chief solutions architect for mobile computing at Motorola Solutions, in a prepared statement.

“With the introduction of RhoElements, the acquisition of Rhomobile and our overall developer tools strategy, Motorola Solutions is helping to position the enterprise mobile computing industry for the future by reducing the impact of operating system disruption and easing the pain of migration from legacy solutions to the next generation of devices and applications in the market”.


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