Motorola Solutions to launch rugged Windows 8 tablet for industrial workers

January 24, 2013

The CEO of Motorola Solutions, which split from the now Google-owned Motorola Mobility two years ago, confirmed that the company was working on a "tablet-style" device in an interview with Bloomberg.

Greg Brown said that the tablet will have a keyboard, will resemble some other handheld devices used in inventory management and expects the model to arrive sometime from the second half of 2013 to early 2014.

“We’re as well-positioned as anybody, given the scale of the devices we have and the relationship we have with Microsoft,” said Brown, on the firm’s chances with Windows 8.

The Motorola Solutions CEO added that police and other first responders are open to the idea of using Windows 8 devices, and said that government customers currently account for around two-thirds of the company’s revenue.

Motorola will face some stiff competition in the rugged tablet market, not least with Panasonic, Xplore Technologies and Motion Computing all making Windows 8 tablets, but does at least have some experience in the area.

For back in January of last year, the company released the Android-based ET1 tablet for retailers. The firm claimed at the time that it was the first tablet 'designed for enterprise'.


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