My name is Don, and I’m a tablet addict

March 24, 2013

But the same people who say that also acknowledge that owning one or maybe two tablets at most makes sense. After all, how many touchscreen-based devices does a person need before they find that the duplication isn’t worth it? How many tablets can really satisfy our basic need of staying in touch with the world through the Web?

If you’re me, it’s five.

OK, so I know what you’re thinking: this guy has to be kidding. But trust me, I’m not.

I own two iPads – one for work and one for the house that my wife and I use occasionally. When the first Kindle Fire shipped, I saw it as an opportunity to get my feet wet on a device that runs Amazon’s Android flavor and bought it for the cheap price. And despite already having two, larger iPads, I decided that getting the iPad Mini would make a lot of sense – after all, the slightly larger model is bulky on long trips, right?

My fifth and final tablet purchase was the exact kind of decision Apple doesn’t want to see. Because Apple and Samsung are locked in such a bitter battle over smartphones and tablets and which company’s products infringed the other, I decided I should find out why Apple felt so threatened. So, I broke down and bought a Samsung Galaxy Note.

I’ll freely admit that I’m a tablet addict. I’ll also admit that I’ve found that having five tablets is more than a little cumbersome. But what I’ve found is that they all actually come in handy.

When I need to perform important tasks, like type out documents, choosing the iPad makes an awful lot of sense. The device is big, powerful, and with a keyboard accessory, is the best laptop replacement I can find. As for the other iPad? Well, while I’m typing away on my slate, my wife can surf the Web on the other iPad. It’s a perfect marriage solution.

The Kindle Fire typically comes out when my cousins bring all eight of their kids over the house. Why should I have them play with a really high-end tablet that cost me several hundred dollars, when I can simply hand over a cheap, 7-inch slate (that works quite well, mind you), and let them have at it? The only way it could work out better is if I had a Kindle Fire for each one of them, but hey, this way they learn to share.  

The iPad Mini is my ideal travel companion. Whenever I need to head out of town, bringing the iPad Mini along makes the most sense. The device is lightweight, comes with everything I have on my larger iPad, and easily fits into my travel bag. I don’t use my iPad Mini much in the house, but I bought it to be a travel companion and in that capacity, it works out well.

And as for the 10-inch Galaxy Note? Well, I’ve yet to find a regular use for it and overall I like the iPad better. I will say in the Note’s favor that I enjoy using the device with a stylus, and I can imagine quite a few companies finding it handy even for something as simple as having clients use it to sign for an order or other documents.

Now, I’m sure there are many of you who are reading this and think I’m crazy. I can achieve all of those feats with two devices at most, you might say. And spending the cash on the other tablets makes little sense.

But as I said earlier, I’m a tablet addict. I love the big touchscreens; I can’t stand the thought of living without the apps; and in a world where computers are becoming more and more boring, slates have become the glimmer of hope for innovation-seekers.

So, say what you will about my tablet preferences and activities. But I can say unequivocally that I’m proud of my tablet lineup. And I look forward to buying some more tablets this year. 


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