Nearly all players prefer free games with ads, report says

March 31, 2014
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And 71 percent like games that let you choose to watch ads in order to earn in-game currency, content or other rewards, a study by game network WildTangent and research firm IHS Technology has found (Via Inside Mobile Apps)

87 percent of players surveyed had earned some sort of in-game rewards through watching ads in the last month, and 66 percent said they'd like to have even more opportunities to opt in to viewing ads in order to get rewards. Overall players have higher rates of engagement with these types of "value exchange" ads.

“The research shows that gamers embrace value exchange ads, which demonstrates the progress the industry has made with advertising in and around video games,” IHS Technology Senior Games Analyst Christine Arrington said in the report.. “As gamers become more accustomed to in-game advertising, it becomes essential for brand marketers to find creative ways to use value exchange advertising while developers must ensure gamers have easy access to these offers.”

Is this type of advertising and business model being underused?


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