Nebraska high school distributes over 1,000 iPads

January 18, 2013
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The iPads are targeted specifically for use in the science curriculum, according to an article in the Grand Island Independent

The iPad deployment was done class by class with science teachers showing primarily freshmen and sophomores how to start using their new devices.

Josh McDowell, director of 21st century teaching and learning for the Grand Island Public Schools, said their may be a few “hiccups” as teachers and students get up to speed.

But teachers actually got a head start, having had several months to work with iPads and the Cinch science curriculum that will serve as the digital textbooks for biology, honors biology, environmental science, physical science and earth science.

To activate their iPads, students entered their Apple ID, as well as an individual password. The password, in combination with being linked to the GIPS/Senior High computer network, should help students protect their school-owned iPads.

"If you lose your iPad or if it's stolen, we can find it for you," Angela Selden told her first-period students.

Students are also expected to charge their iPads at home and not take their chargers to school because their easy to lose and could easily be stolen.

If a student come to school with a low or dead battery, "you will be out of luck that day,” said McDonald.


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